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Du.Val. dental care is a dental center  one of a kind offering services they have never feared  competition. Our reliability and quality  has always distinguished us and our friendly approach  and familiar has allowed us to continuously establish a very good  report  towards the patient. For us, dental care must be everyone's right, which is why we are committed to offering the lowest rates in Europe without sacrificing quality. We are number 1 in Europe in Social Dental Implantology and this has been possible thanks to important collaborations with leading companies producing Dental Implants.  Our rates are 60% lower than the Italian average and 50% lower than the European average, lower than Croatia and Rome .

Our medical director is a dentist with approximately 30 years of experience in the dental field. 

We collaborate with a team of internationally renowned surgeons during the monthly events of Social Dental Implantology.

We offer a guarantee on materials and free post-care assistance throughout Europe in the numerous dental offices that collaborate with us.

We also offer the possibility of financing with the most important companies.

We have agreements with the most important health insurance companies.

Our great experience, together with our constant updating, allows us  to know new technologies and professional techniques, to offer our patients  an ever-better quality of treatments and articles.

Who we are

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