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Du.Val. dental services of Milan, offers a specific guarantee on all dental treatments and on all materials  used.

In particular ours  dental implants  they are guaranteed for a total duration of 5 years.

The materials used have a lifetime guarantee. 

The guarantee is a safety for the user who must undergo  a complex and expensive intervention is essential to protect the patient's economic and moral investment. It is important that the patient undergoes a treatment with the utmost serenity and with the awareness of not running the risk of being deceived.

We at Du.Val. we supply all materials certified and guaranteed by the best manufacturing companies currently on the market and in compliance with all ISO 9001 CEI regulatory standards.

AND'  It is important first of all that the patient has a healthy mouth that can return to its full functionality.  

For more info on this you can fill in  the form  or contact us at +39 3881152502.

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