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Du.Val. services  dental offers the highest quality for your care at very low cost. We have agreements with the major ones  health insurance and we accept financing with the most important companies. 

Conventions and payment methods

Agreements with health insurance:  

We have agreements with the largest health insurance companies, including:

For more information, please visit 

contact directly our number 388 1152502

Save time when you come to our office by downloading our Patient Data Sheet HERE 
  • Unisalute

  • Previmedica

  • East Fund

  • Ready Care

  • Phases

  • Fisdaf

  • Fasdac

  • Blue Assistance

  • Casagit

  • Faschim

  • Odontonetwork

  • Day medical

  • Newmed

  • Rbm Health

  • Oral health program

  • Before-dent

  • I sat down

Terms of payment:
  • Cash

  • Check

  • Transfer

  • Financing

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