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Conservative is a branch of restorative dentistry that deals with the conservation, prevention and therapy of the dental structure, for both congenital problems (conoid elements, dyschromias) and acquired (caries-trauma) problems.

The materials that are generally used for this purpose are: composites and ceramics. These materials have excellent characteristics and have a wide range of colors and shades that allow even very extensive fillings to be almost invisible and have excellent polishability which makes them very similar to natural enamel.

In the case of small and medium sized cavities, direct restorations are performed; in the case of large cavities, high precision inlays are used, which can be made within a few days.

The realization of an inlay involves a particular preparation of the carious cavity (or of the part of the tooth that must be reconstructed) followed by an impression that goes to the dental laboratory, which will prepare a real composite inlay of the optimal color and shape which will be cemented by the dentist directly to the tooth to be reconstructed.

Conservative dentistry must be accompanied by personalized prophylaxis measures to prevent recurrence of carious lesions.

A good preventative program includes oral hygiene sessions, six-monthly check-ups, and applications of both professional and home fluoride or other professional materials.

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