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What are dental crowns?


The  dental crowns  they are prostheses that cover damaged, broken or otherwise compromised teeth, strengthening them in order to guarantee their functionality.

They are applied when the tooth is damaged but not to be removed, in this way its functionality is saved and thus recovered. The tooth, however, must be  filed  to create space to insert the crown.

In addition to their main function of  strengthen the tooth, they also perform an excellent function  aesthetics. Through current techniques and materials, it is possible to make  crowns  very similar to real teeth.


Types of dental crowns depending on the material used

Dental crowns are made from various materials, in our dental office we use the following types:

  • dental crowns in zirconium;

  • composite dental crowns;

  • metal-ceramic dental crowns  (alloy-ceramic);

  • resin dental crowns (used by us as temporaries).

The dental crown is recommended in the following cases:

  1. when the teeth are affected by caries, they are chipped or broken e  they cannot be reconstructed with fillings;

  2. when the teeth are devitalized, why  after devitalization they become weak and can be damaged;

  3. when the teeth are affected by some diseases that are destroying the enamel;

  4. when we have to cover a plant.

The tooth encapsulation process

Before proceeding with encapsulation, the tooth is prepared. Tooth preparation includes the following steps:

  • the tooth is devitalized, to avoid the pain that can occur when the tooth is alive;

  • afterwards the tooth is sanded with the natural crown, until it is obtained  the thickness required for encapsulation;

  • take the impression, the color and proceed with the preparation of the artificial crown;

  • in the time that the final crown is made, a temporary crown is applied to the already prepared tooth;

  • the last step would be the cementation of the final dental crown.

The time in which the dental crown is prepared can vary from one situation to another. However, it is usually ready in 5-7 days after the impression is taken.

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