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Du.Val. Card

The Du.Val. Card is the membership card.

It has a value of € 10,000 but only for a limited number of people it costs € 420.

The Du.Val. Card is a truly unique opportunity for those in need of dental care.

In fact, it includes:

  • Two  complete cleaning of tartar and plaque with ultrasound and air flow (teeth whitening)

  • Urgent visits (direct access without reservation)

  • Cario receptivity test

  • RVG intraoral and lateral RVG radiographs

  •   4 Dental devitalizations

  •   4 Fillings

  •   4 Cementation of crowns and bridges

  •   4 Dental implants

  •   4 Prosthetic abutments

  •   4 Dental extractions

  • Opening and drainage of abscesses

  • Specialist visits included and free (excluding case studies)

  • Periodic prosthetic and implantological checks

  • Prevention of oral mucosal abnormalities including oral cavity tumors

  • Hygiene, cleaning and sterilization of prostheses, bites and orthodontic appliances

For children, every year:

  • topical application of fluoride on both arches (caries prevention)

  • Sealing of molar furrows on all permanent molars from 6 to 10 years

Attention, this card is valid for one year from the signing of the contract. For info contact the number  388 1152502 or send  an email to

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