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Application of ceramic dental veneer:

The  dental veneers  they are thin layers of porcelain or ceramic that are placed on the tooth, previously prepared, and attached with special glues and resins. These veneers are therefore a purely aesthetic treatment that serves to mask the defects and imperfections of the dental arches while maintaining the effect for over 10 years. The positioning of the single dental veneer is carried out by the dentist in several sessions which consist of the phase of preparation of the teeth, taking the impression, positioning of temporary veneers and finally the phase of definitive application with the choice of the color.


Preparation of veneers on teeth: In the first phase of preparation, the dentist first of all performs local anesthesia to prevent the patient from experiencing pain during the milling treatment of the teeth on which the dental veneers will be positioned. Milling then consists of filing the tooth, removing a thickness of about 0.4 to 0.8 mm from the anterior surface in order to maintain the natural thickness of the teeth. The duration of the filings has a fairly long duration of about 30 minutes per tooth. Once the preparation phase is completed, the dentist proceeds to take the dental impression which will then be delivered to the laboratory for the creation of the individual porcelain, ceramic or resin veneers.

Dental veneers application:  In the third phase, the dentist places the temporary veneers on the filed teeth which will be replaced in the fourth and final phase, when the laboratory delivers the final veneers. During the last session, the dentist first proceeds to anesthetize the patient and remove the temporary dental veneers to reshape the teeth and evaluate the color and shape of the remaining teeth. It is therefore possible that to make the color of the teeth uniform with the dental veneers, the dentist first proceeds to clean the teeth and then to a whitening with gel and laser, after which the final attachment of the dental veneers with special glues and resins is carried out.

Advantages and disadvantages of veneers

The dental veneer can therefore correct:

  • Teeth with enamel and color changes: Dental veneers can help restore brightness to a dull smile due to aging stains, smoking or alcohol, or the use of drugs that have corroded enamel and dentin.

  • Veneers on the teeth for  correct tooth alignment: dental veneers are an excellent substitute for orthodontics to correct tooth alignment.

  • Teeth separated by diastema: porcelain or ceramic dental veneers are widely used to reduce the space created between the teeth.It is important to underline that this type of treatment can only be carried out if the space is not too excessive, as it could risk widening the teeth further back.

  • Teeth resistant to laser whitening techniques;

  • Dental veneers broken tooth reconstruction  and to correct the shape of short, crooked or small teeth, therefore, the dental facet intervenes to modify the shape of the tooth.

  • Extended tooth reconstruction: dental veneers are an excellent solution for patients who need to reconstruct and restore the functionality of the entire arch or both dental arches.

The  Veneers for teeth  they are therefore purely aesthetic as they are used to correct a series of imperfections described above with fast and very satisfactory results, as they are able to restore perfect teeth, natural shine to the smile without the possibility that there is the risk of new formation of spots or yellowing because the ceramic and porcelain are very resistant products. Furthermore, the effects of the dental veneers have a long duration of about 10 years but also beyond, after which they must be replaced again and obligatorily.

Between  contraindication of dental veneers, we find a series of disadvantages such as the high cost of the treatment if we consider that dental veneers have a cost that is around a variable price ranging from a minimum of 200 euros to a maximum of 800- 900 euros, the milling of the teeth which is an irreversible process for which if you decide to take this step there is no going back, the removal of a small part of the enamel can lead to hypersensitivity of the teeth to hot and cold food and drinks and finally they are not indicated for patients suffering from gingivitis, pyorrhea, bruxism, caries as the necessary filing to position the veneer could cause the crack if not the breakage of the weakened tooth or the dental veneer after a short time from the assembly.



Modern dentistry no longer deals only with treatment and prevention but has also developed a series of highly targeted interventions in the field of  dental aesthetics, to restore a beautiful, bright and natural smile. The Du.Val. has the most modern technologies in the field of dental aesthetics and is constantly updated on new teeth whitening and smile redefinition solutions.

  dental whitening Bleaching of both arches, in a single session lasting 30 minutes, is a type of teeth whitening with LED, which has replaced outdated methods (home mask), significantly improving the result. In the Du.Val dental offices. you can find the fastest and safest professional teeth whitening system. Dental whitening in the chair is an innovative solution and in step with new scientific discoveries in order to give patients aesthetically satisfying results: because the smile is our mission.
Call the Du.Val Dental Office. to make an appointment and receive all the information on the Bleaching teeth whitening treatment.

You will rediscover the pleasure of a bright and brilliant smile in just one session!


The  dental veneers  they are coatings that serve to cover the imperfections of the teeth due to bad chewing and poor oral hygiene, from crooked teeth to yellowed or disproportionate teeth.

The correction of dental defects through the use of veneers on the teeth, is part of the dental aesthetic medicine that in recent times has been very successful and requested by most patients, as it is a fast treatment with immediately visible results even if their cost is very high.

There  dental veneer can be ceramic or porcelain  and it is an intervention that manages to avoid more extreme and much more expensive solutions such as dental implants or when the laser fails to give positive effects.

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