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A scrupulous and meticulous home oral hygiene (  brushing, floss and interdental brush) and professional is the fundamental prerequisite for preserving the integrity of the mouth.


For each patient there is the most appropriate individual instrument and technique. Together with the mechanical elimination of plaque and tartar and the patient's motivation, this is precisely the purpose of the hygiene session.
  bacterial plaque, mucopolysaccharide film, is an accumulation of bacterial microcolonies and food residues that nestle between the tooth and the gingival portion and is primarily responsible for caries and  periodontal disease.
Plaque that has not been removed initially causes a process of gingival inflammation, which is absolutely reversible, after professional removal of the same.

Its calcification leads to the formation of  tartar. If the tartar attacks the bone that supports the root of the tooth, and the necessary precautions are not taken, it leads to  periodontal disease  or  pyorrhea, which

Hygiene and prevention

it causes irreversible damage to the extent of causing the loss of teeth. Patient education and motivation for correct home oral hygiene are the basis of our therapeutic plan. Periodic sessions of  supragingival scaling with ultrasonic or manual instruments and removal of subgingival calculus with  sanding  surfaces. Dental office Du.Val. keywords: brushing, bacterial plaque, periodontal disease, tartar, pyorrhea, detartasis, smoothing.
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