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Immediate loading implants

Immediate loading implantology is  the implantology technique, nowadays frequently used routinely, which allows the  immediate functional and aesthetic rehabilitation of the patient's chewing.

As we said,  the traditional procedure  for the prosthesis on implants it foresees a healing phase after the insertion of the implant of about 3 months. At this stage it can be  applied a temporary removable prosthesis in case of particular aesthetic needs, for example if the prosthesis was inserted in the anterior area of the mouth. Only a  after healing, the definitive prosthesis will be installed. 

In the immediate load instead, techniques are used that allow, in the presence of certain conditions, to fix the prosthetic reconstruction directly on the implants. 

Immediate loading allows you to insert dental implants and fix the fixed prosthesis to them within a few hours,  drastically reducing the discomfort of being left without teeth for months or with a temporary removable prosthesis.  


Not all subjects can undergo immediate loading implantology. 

To carry out the immediate loading of the implants, it is necessary to comply with some fundamental criteria:

  • the presence of a certain amount of  bone,

  • the primary stability of the implants once inserted,

  • good periodontal (gingival) support,

  • the absence of  bruxism  (tooth grinding) or severe  malocclusion,

  • the presence of a good occlusal balance (correct masticatory occlusal plane)

Clearly, a serious evaluation by the specialist is also needed, who will have to evaluate the coexistence of all these factors with appropriate tests and tools, on the basis of radiographic support and, if necessary, a CT scan.

Not all dentists perform immediate loading, in fact a specific and highly specific staff is required  qualified.

Du.Val. to ensure a satisfactory result  and permanent, proposes immediate loading implantology from 4 to 8 implants, based on the evaluation of the patient's oral situation, keeping the final cost substantially unchanged.

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