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Bone regeneration

In case of missing teeth, one of the possible solutions to replace them is dental implantology. This technique consists of inserting artificial titanium roots directly into the maxillary or mandibular bone.  Fixed prostheses will then be applied to the artificial roots.

In case there is not enough bone, it is not possible to insert  dental implants . Many patients who resort to implantology suffer from  periodontitis  and this disease, by the way, also causes one  gum recession  and bone loss.

Fortunately, there is a solution for this problem, which also allows you to resort to implantology. How? Through the  bone regeneration  dental.


Dental bone regeneration techniques 

There are several techniques for obtaining the  bone reconstruction; the most widespread and consolidated is to apply a  special membrane  which can be given a  titanium grille  or from a resorbable membrane under which some filling material is inserted which will form the  new bone tissue.

This filling material could be a piece of our bone taken from the jaw or hip or an artificial bone made of synthetic material  biocompatible  which, supplied with blood, is incorporated into the bone.

In the first case we can talk about  "Auto-transplant"; it is a very complex and demanding operation that is performed with two separate surgeries.

In the second case, the operation is simpler, but may involve poor blood circulation of the artificial bone.


One of the main surgical techniques to get effective  dental bone regeneration, consists in using specific filling materials, with which to obtain the reconstruction of the lost bone tissue.

In our center   we use one of the safest materials with a highly predictable result:  Bio-Oss®. It is freeze-dried and denatured bovine bone, i.e. without any organic component, totally biocompatible, which is inserted where there is a lack of bone.

This material is soaked in blood and once a stable clot has formed, this allows the generation of cartilagen.


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